Breaker Panel Upgrade or Replacement

Electrical Panel Replacement & Panel Upgrade

Your electrical panel is the primary power source for your entire home and determines how much power is available for the circuits to distribute to all the appliances, light and outlets in your home.

Older panels have limitations on available space and circuits and tend to be overloaded and max out which causes the panel to shut off or stop working all together. Thirty years ago the average new home was equipped with a 60-amp electrical service. Today, the average home is equipped with a 200-amp electrical service and a panel accommodating up to 80 circuits.  

If you experiencing power loss or tripped breakers you may require a panel upgrade or service upgrade.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical system?

  • Protecting your home from fire hazards associated with overloaded systems
  • Ample amount of energy to run today’s appliances and technical devices
  • Modern panels are equipped with additional breaker slots, allowing more circuits and providing room for expansion in the future.
  • Eliminating the possibility of over fusing
  • Increasing the value of your home
  • Save on fuse replacements
  • Protect devices in the home from damage related to faults
  • Meeting code requirements
  • Home insurance coverage

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