Surge Protection

Surge Protection


What is a power surge?

A power surge occurs when there is a spike in the power supplied to your home.

What are the causes for a power surge?

There are many circumstances which could lead to a power surge such as, lightning storms, utility company switching from one distribution system to another, animals causing damage to power lines (e.g. Squirrel chewing through electrical lines), old and faulty wiring, or electrical equipment which requires a large amount of electricity to switch on and off (air conditioner, electric motors, etc.).

What are the concerns for homeowners who experienced an electrical power surge?

When an electrician installs an electrical device, it is designed to handle a specific amount of voltage. Unfortunately, when an electrical power surge occurs, this supplies a higher voltage than an electrical device is equipped to handle.

An electrical power surge can destroy your televisions, home entertainment systems, computer’s, phones, pool pumps and other electrical appliances, in an instant. This results in home owners spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on replacements or electrician repairs. 

Protecting your appliances from a power surge is something our certified electricians can handle. 

Invest in the contents of your home by allowing our electricians to install a Service Entrance Surge Protection Device. An electrician will install this device into your main electrical panel or at the base of the electric meter. This electrical protecting device redirects the surge to the ground conductor before it gets into the circuits within the panel.

Voyage Electric also recommends using a secondary Point of Use Protector for additional protections against electrical power surges.

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